Happy Sunday, everyone! ☀️🙆What's your favorite place in Vienna? @michibuchinger loves to read next to the ALBERTINA looking at the Burggarten. If you wanna try it out, stop by! .
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Our director Klaus Albrecht Schröder himself explains the beginning of impressionism with Claude Monet's LE BOULEVARD DES CAPUCINES. 😯🌸 Have you seen #AlbertinaMonet already? It shows the development of Claude Monet until his very last abstract works..
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Claude Monet | The Boulevard des Capucines | 1873 | The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow © Photo Scala,
Florence 2017 @theartsmuseum
Last week was amazing! 😍 There were 14682 visitors at the ALBERTINA during the #ORFLongNightofMuseums and we have been declared a urban #WonderOfTheWorld. Cool, right? 📸Thanks for sharing that amazing photo with us @crystal_ribs! ☀ Happy #regramfriday, everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!.
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Tonight is the opening of HELEN LEVITT! 👏😯🙆The artist numbers among the foremost exponents of street photography. Levitt’s unsentimental pictorial language gives rise to a humorous and theatrical pageant situated beyond any moral or social documentary clichés. 👉 The opening starts at 6.30 pm. Admission free! We totally recommend it!
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Helen Levitt | New York | 1940 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. Permanent loan of the Austrian Ludwig Foundation for Art and Science © Film Documents LLC/Courtesy Thomas Zander Gallery, Cologne
We proudly present our next #MyMonetMoment favorites.🎉👏.
Those photos focus on the nature theme: Water Lilies, landscapes, flowers, water - those were main motifs of Claude Monet. Thanks for catching those moments @stromberger, @marjugs, @waltermussil, @armand_back and @punktundpixel. Your images look fantastic on our #MyMonetMoment wall! .
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Wow, we are an official urban Wonder of the World! 🎉🎊🎈.
And we owe that to you, guys! You
posted the ALBERTINA over 70,000 times on Instagram, photographed it much more often and shared it on other social media platforms as well. We are really overwhelmed and keep looking forward to every post, every comment and every like of you! If you haven't been here, stop by and take a photo!
Here is a little taste of all the amazing photos you can find on instagram of the ALBERTINA. 📸 @wienfotografin, @jelenastupar, @nilababalu
Thanks @hiltonhotels for that award!
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Happy birthday @gottfriedhelnwein 🎊🎉Thanks for creating such amazing art, we're so lucky to have it at the #AlbertinaMuseum. Have a great party!
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Did you know that the gold leaf that was used in our Gold Cabinet is generally known as 'Albertina Gold' even beyond our museum? It's a special alloy consisting of 23ct pure gold and a carat of silver and copper! 👑✨. . . .
Come explore our glamorous #AlbertinaStaterooms and immerse yourself in imperial flair today!
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📷 Georg Molterer
👏Happy Sunday everybody! 🙆☀ It's quite calm after that busy night yesterday. 14682 visitors in one night, that's amazing. Thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 😊Have a good time with your beloved ones and stop by if you wanna see #ClaudeMonet and other great artists today. Thanks for this beautiful photo @karoliinapaclova ! .
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#ORFLangeNacht view from the bastion of the #AlbertinaMuseum. Take a photo while waiting! It‘s soooo beautiful here. 😍😍😍.
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Tonight is the night! 🙌🌃Due to the ORF LONG NIGHT OF MUSEUMS we're open from 6 pm to 1 am in the morning. You can visit all museums in Austria with one ticket for EUR 15. The first 200 visitors who buy their ticket at the ALBERTINA will receive a free Monet poster! 😃 To put you in the right mood for Claude Monet we organised a live band in the Hall of the Muses playing French Chansons. 🎼🎤
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Claude Monet | Houses of Parliament, Sunset | 1900–04 | Krefelder Kunstmuseen, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum © Krefelder Kunstmuseen, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum
Yay, it's #RegramFriday again! 🙌🎉Thanks to @a___vait for sharing this wonderful imitation of #PabloPicasso's 'Jacqueline, reading' (1958) - on view at #MunchChagallPicasso!
Want your own pics to be featured on our account? Share & tag them with #AlbertinaMuseum! Happy weekend!
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