Did you know that #PabloPicasso was able to make art out of pretty much everything? 💡 In 1947, he learned how to glaze and created over 2000 plates and vessels in the following 2 years - 47 of them are part of the #BatlinerCollection today!Swipe right to discover some of them! 👉
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Pablo Picasso | Plat rond avec visage aux feuilles, 1961; Plat rond avec chouette au bec percé, 1957; Plat rond avec visage III, 1963; Plat rond avec poisson vert, 1956; Plat rond avec visage II, 1963; Trois Poissons, 1957; Plat aux Oeufs, without date | © Succession Picasso; Bildrecht, Wien 2018 | Albertina, Wien. Sammlung Batliner
Can you guess the meaning behind this drawing? 🤔⠀... it's an architectural study from 1958!⠀
Eccentric shapes like in this work weren't unusual at the time: In conservative post-war society, architects expressed their opposition to the outdated functionalism and opened up towards a free development of the arts. Complicated multi-typological visualisations crossed the boundaries between specific artistic disciplines as well between art & design.⠀
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Enjoy this work by #FriedrichKiesler at #AlbertinaArchitecture - on view until 23 September.⠀
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Friedrich Kiesler | Studies for the Endless House | 1958 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna
If there's one thing #AlfredSeiland knows to master, then it's the use of color! We can't get enough of these pastels ✨😍Enjoy this and many more amazing works by the Austrian photographer until 7 October!
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Alfred Seiland | Westport, Washington, USA | 1986 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna © Alfred Seiland
Happy #RegramFriday, everyone! This week's photo showing @gottfriedhelnwein's
Due to the bank holiday we unfortunately have to wait until next Wednesday for another dose of #AlbertUndTina. Join us on 22 August for some chilled drinks, electronic music & guided tours through #AlbertinaContemporary. 🙌😎Find all dates for ALBERT&TINA 2018 here:
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Have you participated in our #MyMonetMoment Insta-Challenge yet? Do it like @isabelle_chariot who shared this wonderful shot with us! 🌸✨Show us your pics using #MyMonetMoment & win a trip to #Monet's garden in Giverny! Besides, you also have the chance to get your photo exhibited at the Albertina. More information with the link in our bio. 👆
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🖐 In case you haven't been to our huge #FlorentinaPakosta exhibition yet, you'd better hurry up - it's closing on 26 August! 🖐Enjoy this and more than 100 other outstanding works & share your shots with #AlbertinaPakosta like @bler.nika ! 🤩
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Happy Sunday! Our amazing #MarcChagall selfie wall is awaiting you and your pics. 📸 Share and tag them for a chance to be featured on our account! 💕.
Photo: @fact_ion
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Oh my god, we can hardly wait. 👀😲 #ClaudeMonet is coming to town in a few weeks. 🌸🌸 If you're in Vienna you should definitely stop by the opening of #AlbertinaMonet on 20 September. It will be one of the biggest Monet shows you've seen in Austria and beyond.Claude Monet | Water lilies | 1916-1919 | @fondationbeyeler, Riehen | Basel, Sammlung Beyeler
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Yeah, the weekend is almost here! 🙆‍♂️😀 Enjoy the sun, art, family, friends or whatever you're up to! Thanks for that amazing shot in front of our museum @davidedato. ..
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Alfred Seiland! 😲👀We so much love his colors and composition. He truly is an amazing photographer, right? His works are on view until 7 October, so come by and enjoy these masterpieces.
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Alfred Seiland | Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, USA | 1982 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna © Alfred Seiland
Have you heard about our instagram challenge #MyMonetMoment already? 👀☝️😲🌸Find your personal Monet moment and win a short trip to Paris or the possibility to get your photo exhibited in the ALBERTINA museum. We have already a bunch of cool photos like this one from @judithdrexler. 👉More information in bio!
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